Physical File Storage

Paradox IT Solutions are happy to provide services within our facilities. Customers may choose to opt for deep storage services where you possess boxes/files that are rarely if ever retrieved, but are required to be kept for compliance reasons.

Placing such material into deep storage provides our customers with a more cost effective medium of storage.


Physical File Storage

Archived boxes are stored within new purpose built racking individually configured to the size of the type of box stored.

As with all aspects of our service we offer a range of retrieval and delivery services that are tailored to your specific requirements. Records may be requested as an entire box or as a single file in order to assist companies where office space is minimal.



We will store your records within secure storage facilities and, with the systems in place be able to locate your records within seconds and scan it back to you via one of the following methods;

  • Secure encrypted email

  • Secure online portal (free service)

Backfile Scanning Projects

We can also undertake Back file Scanning projects.

Our service is comprehensive, covering:

Preparation / Scanning / Image quality control / Indexing / Data quality control / Software release / In-process retrieval / File reconstitution (as required) Archiving / secure destruction (as required).


Confidental Waste Mangement

We can also provide the following Shredding Services, shredding sacks with numbered security seals. Confidential waste bins 120, 240 and 1100ltr.
We can also provide you a predetermined review or destruction dates for those boxes or files that are due for destruction thus reducing your costs.
A certificate of destruction is issued upon completion of waste disposal which verifies that materials have been destroyed in accordance with current laws.

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